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Eco-Select Equipment from Pentair Water Pool and Spa

Get more from your pool, spa, and water features with Pentair Water Pool and Spa equipment and accessories… more energy efficiency, enhanced safety, longer service life, cleaner water, more dependability, easier operation and the latest trends! By applying imaginative thinking and the latest technology, their products make pool ownership more convenient, enjoyable, and affordable than ever before.
Eco-Select Equipment from Pentair Water Pool and Spa
Jandy Versa Plumb System

Jandy Versa Plumb System

Jandy has revolutionized the future of plumbing pool equipment with the Versa Plumb system. The positioning of the inlet and outlet ports on Jandy's Versa Plumb equipment maximizes hydraulic efficiency while minimizing equipment space and plumbing requirements. Since Versa Plumb equipment is designed with all plumbing connection points aligned vertically & horizontally, connecting your equipment is simple with Jandy's Sweep Elbow.

By improving the hydraulic system efficiency, Versa Plumb can dramatically reduce pool operating costs, by reducing the required filtration time and lowering the electrical load on your circulation pump.

A "greener" way to care for your pool and hot tub -Dazzle Water Care

Total Pool Services is pleased to be a distributor for Dazzle Water Care products. Their aim is to deliver the highest quality pool and hot tub products using greener chemistry that’s strong enough to do the job, but gentle enough to minimize its impact on the environment. Click here to read more about these great products available from Total Pool Services.

Dazzle Water Care products are environmentally friendly!

Natural Chemistry, Pool and Spa Products

Natural Chemistry, Pool and Spa Products

Natural Chemistry's Algae Free Guarantee program maintains near zero phosphates and organic contaminants in your pool...naturally! Use less harsh chemicals, reduce your pool maintenance by up to 50% and enjoy the ultimate in water quality.

Pool Covers

There are three types of swimming pool covers: Solar Bubble, Thermal Foam & Vinyl Safety. Each has their own set of benefits and limitations.

Pool Covers by Total Pool Services

Solar Bubble:

  • Benefits: Inexpensive, magnifies sunlight to heat the pool, reduces heat loss at night.
  • Limitations: Short life span, not a safety cover, is the least efficient at reducing heat loss at night.

Thermal Foam:

  • Benefits: Longer life span than Solar Bubble, more energy efficient if the pool is only covered at night.
  • Limitations: Not a safety cover, substantially more expensive than a Solar Bubble cover.

Vinyl Safety:

  • Benefits: Long life span, can prevent drowning, virtually eliminates evaporation, prevents debris from falling into the pool, reduces chemical costs/usage, is the most energy efficient cover, 
  • Limitations: Doesn’t work for some pool shapes/installations, costly.

Though we are very familiar with all of the above covers, we would encourage any pool owner to explore the option of a vinyl safety cover for the reasons listed.

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